Our MFA Awards, and a busy spring season

We're busy here year round, but we're even busier in spring and summer, here's a review of our well earned recent MFA Awards...

We Rocked It!

Costa Marine Canvas and Enclosures is proud to announce that it has won multiple Awards of Excellence and an Award of Distinction from the Marine Fabricators Association. We were recognized and received the awards for our design excellence in marine fabric applications.

With a total of 82 entries submitted in 9 categories in this year’s competition, MFA winners were selected based on complexity, design, workmanship, uniqueness and function. Judges were certified Master Fabric Craftsman professionals chosen for their knowledge in a particular product area.


Rigid Enclosures

We received an Award of Excellence for our awesome work on a Bayliss Boatworks 90-foot custom-built yacht. The company's Costa Clear Elite Series® enclosure was featured on the project. Being honored demonstrates the product's consistent performance and our commitment to supporting our customers.


Soft Enclosures

Our Custom Aft Enclosure-92'Viking Yacht project was recognized with an Award of Excellence in the competition’s Powerboat - Soft Enclosures category. We fabricated a custom aft enclosure for a 92-foot Viking yacht. The project utilized track-to-track design with an additional track on rail.


Marine Interior Upholstery

Honored to have received two awards in the Marine Interior Upholstery category, an Award of Distinction for our recent upholstery work and an Award of Excellence for a custom sofa fabrication for a 92-foot Viking Yacht with actuator lifts.